Music Sucks – One Of My Dreams

Hints of Anita Lane, probably the greatest Australian exponent of sleaze (listen to the strings here – they are seductive with too much aftershave, almost cheesy on the sleaze) – her cover of Gil Scott-Heron’s Home is Where the Hatred Is, etc. I can’t link to them because some copyright assholes have blocked it. But you’re a smart reader, right? You’re up with the play and have all the records, including every record Peter King ever cut on his lathe. So go hook up Anita Lane on your record player now – or find a youtube video if you can. It makes me think of Leonard Cohen’s teenybopper Phil Spector spectacular, Death of A Ladies Man – the horns in particular. It’s not as over the top, yet the Kenny G/Wrecking Crew horns punctuate the vocals like the inbetween sequences on a VHS tape from the 90s. And let’s talk about the vocals – they’re tossed off so easily that the lyrics, which could’ve gotten wordy and dense – feel light and considered. It feels like Wilkinson isn’t quite singing them – it’s more than that – like in last night’s Doctor Who episode where the words were engraved in the spaceship (really real review:#1 NZ Doctor Who fangirl blog-AND-singles review site). Wilkinson’s cadence is every changing, as if posing a challenge to the dogmatic drums and guitar, which chug along with metronomic precision. Let’s try this again: One Of My Dreams is sleaze, but VHS sleaze. It’s deeply unsexy sleaze. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but doesn’t try and sound all “bedroom pop” (wtf does that phrase even mean?? !) – it sounds good, like how you feel when you wear your most expensive blazer and you’re having a good hair day. It’s nice and short. I hate long songs. My attention span doesn’t cater to them. It does a whole lot – bewitches and amuses – within a scant two minutes something. A


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