Rank Pulla – Discrimin8

Rank Pulla sounds like Yeezus if Yeezus was the logical continuation from 808s and Heartbreak (maybe I should reconsider putting albums and songs in titles – pretentious much? Eh). It’s a heady mix of warble-vocal as if over a speaker – kind of removed and commanding and 80s – whatever that means. What I mean is Liquid Sky:

I mean – hell – Discrimin8 is a Kanyesque title. It is probably one of the titles he thought up whilst eating hand-dived scallops in Hawaii on his private floating island or whatever. Or it sounds like the title to a never-made first person shooter from the fabled 90s – not the real 90s, but the fake 90s we are remember to be great. By “we” I mean “you” if “you” are over 30. I don’t remember the 90s, except watching Titanic with my Grandparents. It was boring. It wasn’t Suzy Cato – so. Names are sort of important – Rank Pulla is a great name too – so evocative. The track is dirty and woozy and like the synth-insanity garageband encourages in people- and that’s kind of great – who cares if garageband played a part in it – it sounds like it did. The melody’s not much different to Littler’s debut solo outing, but otherwise it’s a whole other thing – it is woozy. Like when you drink your seventh cup of coffee in Port Chalmers and realize some asshole has stolen your favourite beret. It’s cheesy – ‘1 2 3 4’ is sang before a brief moment of euphoria and only gives the track more life, as if reestablishing it’s real – Real Music (TM) always starts with ‘1 2 3 4’, if you didn’t realize. Taylor Swift always starts off with ‘1 2 3 4’. That’s just what you do. B+


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