The Cavemen – School Sucks

I first encountered The Cavemen years and years ago when the seminal Moonrakers played a show with them at the Wine Cellar and The Cavemen were about 10 years old or so, or straight outta highschool anyway, maybe, and they had already been playing show after show and working damn hard like a Real Band (TM) with their noses to the grindstone and all that nonsense. They were as together as the American Ballet Company (I watched all of ‘Flesh and Bone’ in a day – the ballet metaphors will be coming thick and fast for the next while, so lace up your pointe shoes ok?). I could pick any song from the album and review it (all mercilessly around a minute and a bit – never a riff to get bored of, never an indulgent moment here). I found ‘School Sucks’ at random – though KILL THE TEACHERS is as good a mantra as any and the solo isn’t too long – it’s like a pisstake of dumb Black Sabbath wannabe solos without the bogan Ibenez guitar (I mean, Black Sabbath solos are almost unlistenable – I’ll tell you that for free). It gets frustrating attaching titles like ‘punk’ or whatever to a band – perhaps ‘garage’ is OK but largely meaningless. I’d rather think of The Cavemen as a enormously hard-working band who are terrifyingly in time with each other and make music that feels as if you have had too much caffeine and then consumed a salami sandwich and then consumed one of those litre cans of cheap Czech beer. 


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