Yumi Zouma – Depths pt. 1

It’s Tuesday which means I continue my trolling experiment fine arts blog REALLY REAL REVIEW by reviewing Yumi Zouma’s new single ‘Depths pt. 1’.

Yumi Zouma’s latest outing has them sounding like a Kmart knock-off of Silicon: the slightly vocoded voice, the warm production, a low-key disco grove — the whole effect feels like an overbaked mac n cheese or really well fried courgettes. The whole effect is disaffected warmth, like a disinterested housewife performing ‘warmth’. You could be forgiven for thinking Kmart knock-off is an insult; the world needs Kmart.

I made the mistake of listening to Madeira (the project of Yumi Zouma’s former vocalist , Kim Pflaum) straight after listening to ‘Depths’. I forgot all about ‘Depths’. C+